my modified php mail function doesn't work

I have a website with a contact form and it the form sends the data to my .php file via POST method. I tried a very simple script from a tutorial and it works perfectly fine. So my host doesn't seem to be a problem. But as soon as I modified the basic script and put in my own variables it stopped working. It doesn't show any syntax error and the 'name' properties from the .html file are all correct.

    if (isset($_POST['sendbtn'])) {
        $to = "[email protected]";
        $name = $_POST['Name'];
        $unternehmen = $_POST['Unternehmen'];
        $strasse = $_POST['Strasse'];
        $hausnummer = $_POST['Hausnummer'];
        $postleitzahl = $_POST['Postleitzahl'];
        $ort = $_POST['Ort'];
        $email = $_POST['Email'];
        $telefonnummer = $_POST['Telefonnummer'];
        $nachricht = $_POST['Nachricht'];
        $einverstaendniserklaerung = $_POST['Einverstaendiserklaerung'];
        $subject = "Das Kontaktformular wurde ausgefüllt";
        $email_body = "Neue Nachricht:\n";

        $email_body .= "Name: $name\n";
        $email_body .= "Unternehmen: $unternehmen\n";
        $email_body .= "Strasse: $strasse\n";
        $email_body .= "Hausnummer: $hausnummer\n";
        $email_body .= "Postleitzahl: $postleitzahl\n";
        $email_body .= "Ort: $ort\n";
        $email_body .= "E-Mail: $email\n";
        $email_body .= "Telefonnummer: $telefonnummer\n";
        $email_body .= "Nachricht: $nachricht\n";
        $email_body .= "Einverstaendniserklaerung: 

        mail($to, $subject, $email_body);
        header("Location: kontakt.html?mailsend");

This here is the working tutorial snippet:


   if (isset($_POST['sendbtn1'])) {
      $firstName = $_POST['firstName'];
      $lastName = $_POST['lastName'];
      $userName = $_POST['userName'];

      $mailTo = "[email protected]";
      $headers = "From: ".$userName;
      $txt = "Cheese: ".$firstName." ".$lastName."\n\n Ham";

      mail($mailTo, $headers, $txt);
      header("Location: index.html?mailsend");

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