How can i read/write bytes to SD card slot of MC60A?

I am working on a clickBoard with MC60 A GSM module from MikroEletronika company.

This clickBoard has two slots: (1) one for SIM card and another (2) for micro SD cards. I have read all the available documentation: AT commands user guide manual (Quectel documentation) and some code examples (Libstock) and i still cannot find any information about how can i communicate with sd card slot.

The only thing i've found about this topic was on quectel hardware guide:

The following are the main features of SD card interface: Only support 1bit serial mode; Not support the SPI mode for SD memory card; Not support multiple SD memory cards ;Not support hot plug; The data rate up to 48MHz in serial mode; Support memory cards with maximum capacity up to 32GB;

From this i assume it is a serial communication. So, with the info i know, the two questions i have are:

(1) Can i write/read bytes with the usage of AT commands? If yes, which AT commands?

(2) It is necessary any specific format for micro SD card (FAT, exFAT, FAT32 or NFTS) ?

Best regards, Ricardo


1 Answers How can i read/write bytes to SD card slot of MC60A?

I sent an e-mail to quectel manufacturer and they sent me a specific document for FILE AT commands. Here. For some reason, neither MikroEletronica or quectel have this file available on MC60 datasheets.

4 months ago