Title and Meta tags not rendering in angular SSR in server

I have developed a website using Angular 6 in the frontend. By default Angular is not SEO friendly, so in order to do that, I implemented it in the way of Angular-Universal or Angular SSR (Server Side Rendering). I updated the code and comparing the page sources from before and now, I can see my application inside the tags <app-root> and </app-root>, before only "loading..." would come.

I am using the MetaService and TitleService from @angular/platform-browser to update the desired <meta> tags for Facebook and Twitter and the <title> tag respectively.

The problem is when I run the node server in my local system, view-source shows me the rendered meta tags, but when I run the same code in node server on AWS VM, I don't get the rendered meta tags, but other application code is available.

UPDATE: The function that adds the meta tags

updateMetaTags(egElement: Elements[]) {
    this.url = 'https://example.com/eg/' + this.id;
    const title = egElement[1].innerHTML;
    this.tweetText = 'Check the latest blog on \"' + title + '\"';
      { property: 'og:url', content: this.url },
      { property: 'og:type', content: 'website' },
      { property: 'og:title', content: title },
      { property: 'og:description', content: 'Author: ' + egElement[2].innerHTML },
      { property: 'og:image', content: this.egElement[3].img }

I call this function in ngOnInit(). It does the rendering properly in my local machine, but does not do it on the server.

egElement and id is returned from the service call to backend and meta service has been imported and injected in the constructor.


1 Answers Title and Meta tags not rendering in angular SSR in server

If you're using custom XHR calls , e.g. not using Angular HttpClient, the SSR won't wait for API call responses (this can also occur if using 3rd party libraries to retrieve API data). Looking at your site there is no server side rendering occurring other than the page layout/header/footer

I'm guessing it's related to the API data not being retrieved in SSR. Maybe you could update your question with some info on this?

There is a well tested and maintained library called ngx-meta that's universal (SSR) compatible. You could look at their implementation, and demos, or give their library a go https://github.com/fulls1z3/ngx-meta

5 months ago