Confused internal and external use case diagram

I just got an assignment one of the questions is asking me to create 2 use case diagrams for a retailer database one internal and external however I'm not sure what the different is between them and the different use cases that they will have?

Scenario 2: A retailer company A retailer company have more than 1000 stores across UK. Each store has their own selling PC which can update the selling information to centre warehouse database as well as local warehouse database. For advanced features, the retailer company would like to allow each store manager to enable analysing his/her own store performance on selling. The central company can have analysis for overall performance and other issues on salaries, goods providers and so on.

The report should have use case diagrams to describe what the database system functions are.

May seem pretty easier to most people how ever I am still learning and this is stressing me out! please help thank youstrong text


0 Answers Confused internal and external use case diagram