Add two maps in prestoDB

My data is as mentioned below

customer_id   usage_month  usage_by_product         usage
1             June         {"A":50, "B":50}         100
1             July         {"A":50, "B":10, "C":20} 80
1             Aug          {"A":50, "D":500}        550
1             Sep          {"C" :30}                30

I want to write a query that aggregates the total usage for the complete year

customer_id   usage_by_product    usage
 1            {"A": 150, "B":60   760
               "C": 50, "D":500}

Is it possible to do this kind of aggregation on maps in Athena(PrestoDB)?


1 Answers Add two maps in prestoDB

You can split your map into individual key/value pairs with map_entries + UNNEST. Then, it's a matter of summing and aggregating values back into a map.

For example:

WITH input AS (
        (1, map(array['a', 'c'], array[50, 42])), 
        (1, map(array['a', 'b'], array[50, 18]))
    ) t(customer_id, m)
sum_by_map_key AS (
    SELECT customer_id, k, sum(v) AS s
    FROM input
    CROSS JOIN UNNEST(map_entries(m)) AS u(k, v)
    GROUP BY customer_id, k
SELECT customer_id, map_agg(k, s)
FROM sum_by_map_key
GROUP BY customer_id;


 customer_id |        _col1
           1 | {a=100, b=18, c=42}
(1 row)

Note: to just add two maps like this, you could use map_zip_with. However, to use it when aggregating over multiple rows you would probably need to aggregate all the maps values into single array and run array reduction on it. Aggregating all the maps into single array(map) may or may not work, depending on the size of these arrays.

1 weeks ago