simpleSAMLphp: Unable to find the current binding

I am the SP, I can not loggedin into the SP using IDP of my client, I got below error:

SimpleSAML_Error_Error: ACSPARAMS

1 modules/saml/www/sp/saml2-acs.php:21 (require)
0 www/module.php:135 (N/A)
Caused by: Exception: Unable to find the current binding.
2 vendor/simplesamlphp/saml2/src/SAML2/Binding.php:99 (SAML2\Binding::getCurrentBinding)
1 modules/saml/www/sp/saml2-acs.php:16 (require)
0 www/module.php:135 (N/A)

My Configuration for authsource.php is like below:

'abc-live-sp' => array(
         'privatekey' => 'saml.pem',
         'certificate' => 'saml.crt',
         'entityID' => null,
         'idp' => '',
         'discoURL' => null,
         'NameIDPolicy' => false,


Is there anything i am missing?

help will be appreciated.


1 Answers simpleSAMLphp: Unable to find the current binding

Did you setup the Identity Provider in your "metadata/saml20-idp-remote.php" file?
It's been a while since I used simplesamlphp but I'm pretty sure you would need to have the Identity Provider (IdP) administrator add you as an "accepted" Service Provider (SP). This is done by sharing your metadata with them.

There is a very handy guide by UNINETT, the creators of simplesamlphp here:

Someone also had a similar issue: Simplesamlphp unhandled exception error while using as SP

3 months ago