Disable Crash Wine Debian Linux

so i'm currently running my world of warcraft server on Linux Debian 9 And I've managed to setup everything properly but whenever i restart my 'worldserver.exe' it just doesn't restart. This is the codes i use to run worldserver.exe and restart it.

At start i make restarter file with the following information :


while :; do
wine worldserver.exe 
sleep 1

Then i change the 'chmod' to 777 using this :

sudo chmod 777 restarter.sh

At the end i run the autorestarter as following :

screen -AmdS world ./restarter.sh

Everything in this part works perfectly unless i type in .server restart 10 + This command will just close worldserver.exe and than it comes the crash no logs really because it's normal common on windows too I've used a method in windows which is something similar to this : LINK But since i'm using Wine in Linux i was wondering how would it goes for it ?


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