BulletPhysics - Set hinge angle explicitly?

A hinge's hingeAngle can be retrieved as a singular float but not be set explicit. I am simulating a door using hinges and need to be able to instantly set the angle to open or closed at will. How can this be achieved?

The hinge is created with:

const float mass = 10.0f;
BoxShape boxShape = new BoxShape(Door.CollisionShape);
Vector3 pivotA = new Vector3(-Door.CollisionShape.X, Door.CollisionShape.Y, Door.CollisionShape.Z);

door.rigidBody = physics.LocalCreateRigidBody(mass, door.getRotationMatrix() * Matrix4.CreateTranslation(position), boxShape);
door.rigidBody.ActivationState = ActivationState.DisableDeactivation;
door.rigidBody.UserObject = "Door";

var axisA = Vector3.UnitY; // pointing upwards, aka Y-axis
var hinge = new HingeConstraint(door.rigidBody, pivotA, axisA);
hinge.SetLimit(-(float)Math.PI * 0.25f, 0);


and I am moving it with:

float targetVelocity = Door.OpenSpeed;
float maxMotorImpulse = 1.0f;
door.hinge.EnableAngularMotor(true, targetVelocity, maxMotorImpulse);

On each step BulletPhysics increases the hingeangle based on the targetVelocity. I'm looking to set this value directly, as opposed to indirectly by applying forces.


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Did you try setMotorTarget() function?

void btHingeConstraint::setMotorTarget
    btScalar    targetAngle,
    btScalar    dt 

Is your desired behaviour that the door changes from open to close, in a single simulation step?

If so, that seems a dangerous thing to do, because there may be something blocking the door, and by hard-setting the door rigid body, it may be intersection other shapes.

4 months ago