Nas4FREE Recovery (ZFS)

Been using nas4free for a long time, i have two disks in Raid0 (ZFS Stripe perhaps that what it is called). The nas4free OS was running of a usb drive and today the drive went to hell. Basically i lost my instillation. I don't have the configuration saved which i used to before and now im in water. Is there a simple way for me to mount these two disks togather without loosing the data? I simply used to go to the "mount" menu, and click mount/unmount and the drives used to come back on when ever the power went out. This time though since it is a new instillation over a new liveusb i do not have the option to simply mount it.

Any simple steps i can do to mount them back?

I was reading up and found commands to re-build the zfs pool using # zpool scrub rex

Before i make any attempts, wondering if any one has any tips.



1 Answers Nas4FREE Recovery (ZFS)

Fortunately, each zpool has its own configuration saved on the disk itself, not on the host system. Therefore, if you lost your host, you can just import your pool on your new host without any problems. I assume the pool was not cleanly unmounted and exported, so you may first try

zpool import

to list all available pools while both disks are present and recognized. If your pool is found, a simple

zpool import nameOfYourPool

will suffice. If it does not work, try

zpool import -f nameOfYourPool

to force, and if that still does not work, there also is

zpool import -F nameOfYourPool

which discards (deletes) some data to recover the pool (details in the man page).

Aside from recovery, I strongly suggest not using RAID 0 with ZFS except for really unimportant information (like a RAM disk). Even an unclean shutdown may corrupt some data. Without scrubbing from another redundant copy, you may lose data that is vital to your operating system, applications etc. (although, as Dan correctly said, your pool itself would still be usable and importable).

8 months ago