How to parse data from NfcA tag?

I am reading NfcA tags using RFID reader described in following link.


I have connected this tag reader serially, reader is sending data when I scan the tags with the reader.

But data doesn't match with the serial ID of the tags. Serial Id is printed on the tag and we can also read it using Android phone.

Data Got From reader : BF 96 F6 93 75 95 75 79 E5 EB F9 00

Data from Android : EC E5 86 73 FC 88 04 00 C0 8E 1E 97 45 00 17 13

Where Serial Id printed on tag is : 73 86 E5 EC , so this must be the revers of first 4 bytes in reverse order EC E5 86 73.

Can anyone please help me to decode the data from tag Reader?

or is that possible to write some code in android to get the data in the same format return by tag reader?

Following is the complete hex from Sector 1.


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