Using bye bug on Heroku

I have a simple Sinatra application. When I launch it (rackup) locally, and I place a byebug breakpoint, then I can see and interact with bye bug when that spot is reached in the code.

When I deploy that same app on heroku, I have problems:

  1. Using heroku logs -t I can see the output of the server as it runs, and when it hits the break point, I can see it but not interact with it.
  2. Using heroku run irb I can run an interactive rib session but it is not of the running server.

I think this must be possible but I cannot find it documented anywhere.


1 Answers Using bye bug on Heroku

I highly doubt this is possible. When you run "heroku run irb", you are spinning up and interacting with a Heroku one-off dyno. The one-off dyno is a completely separate VM, that has no connection (out of the box) with the dyno(s) running your Sinatra app. You can check on Heroku Elements to see if there might be add-ons to enable you to debug your running Sinatra app, but out of the box, I don't think you can run an interactive irb session against it.

2 year ago