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Does D have reflection?

timi95 modified 3 weeks ago

module `testavg` is in file 'testavg.d' which cannot be read d

Another Sad balloon modified 2 months ago

Transfer Data Between Threads Without Copying in D

AnOccasionalCashew modified 2 months ago

Set MIME type for fetched file

Lupus Ossorum modified 3 months ago

How to use GDC compiler in Geany?

Ellman modified 3 months ago

Strange design of core.sync.condition in D

Michael Galuza modified 3 months ago

Dlang: foreach loop or "each" template

user3117351 modified 3 months ago
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Dlang operator overloading =

ergesto modified 4 months ago

Function parameters: "ref" keyword or pointers in D?

user3117351 modified 4 months ago

Using .length returns incorrect number of elements

user10246438 modified 4 months ago