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Extracting Coq to Haskell

OrenIshShalom modified 2 days ago

Build Coq and CoqIDE from source

OrenIshShalom modified 2 days ago

coq syntax of theorem implication

digamma F modified 5 days ago

Verify Coq proofs in a different language

qweruiop modified 1 weeks ago

Proving a contradiction in Coq

OrenIshShalom modified 1 weeks ago

Confusing obligations generated by `Program` tactic

InnocentusLime modified 1 weeks ago

Coq file generated by WP does not compile

Vincent Penelle modified 2 weeks ago

How do I use a lemma from a Coq library?

Arjun Viswanathan modified 2 weeks ago

"if" is not just sugar for "match"

Li-yao Xia modified 2 weeks ago

To which subterms can we apply a lemma?

Abby modified 2 weeks ago

Intersection of lists using List.filter

Tom And. modified 2 weeks ago

Searching a list by List.filter

Tom And. modified 3 weeks ago

Lift existentials in Coq

V. Semeria modified 3 weeks ago

How forall is implemented in Coq

Lance Pollard modified 3 weeks ago